Biobizz Bio-Heaven


Size: 250ml
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BioBizz Bio Heaven is a 100% organic biological stimulant for your plants. Containing a range of carefully selected natural ingredients, Bio Heaven will turbo charge your plants, enhancing vegetative growth, increasing the root system development and giving superior blooming performance.

The natural protein sources in Bio Heaven are essential for healthy plant structure and for feeding the metabolism. Energy levels will be boosted and the uptake of nutrients and chlorophyll production will be increased.

NPK ratio: 0.91 - 0.18 - 0.24

  • Boosted chelation of essential nutrients
  • Accelerated and increased nutrient uptake
  • Source of carbon for soil micro-organisms
  • Repairs chlorophyll and improves moisture retention and respiration
  • Encourages healthy growth and boosts plant immunity


Vegetative Stage: 2-5mls per litre of water

Flowering Stage: 2-5mls per litre of water

Bio Heaven has been designed for soil and should be used in conjunction with normal grow/bloom nutrients.

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