Biobizz Alg-a-mic


Size: 500ml
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Stress-free, happy plants generally produce larger fruits. And Alg•A•Mic™ comes to the rescue if they’ve suffered from overfeeding, deficiencies, diseases or fluctuations in temperature. It also ensures green leaves, by stimulating chlorophyll absorption.

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic is an extract made from high grade organic seaweed concentrate that’s been extracted using the cold pressed method rather than using chemical solvents. It also contains low levels of NPK which means its near on impossible to overfeed them when using Alg-A-Mic with your regular base feed.

Alg-A-Mic by BioBizz is effectively a stress relief supplement to help revitalise your plants if they’ve been subject to stresses such as deficiencies, over or under feeding, pests & diseases or too high or too low temperatures.

Alg-A-Mic can also be used to keep your plants healthy as it ensures the leaves stay a lush and healthy green by stimulating the chlorophyll absorption.


1-4ml per litre can be used during vegetative and flowering phases, and it's suitable for all substrates.

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