Bio Bav Problem Solver


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Made a mistake? Got Yellow/Brown leaves? Weak Plants? Dried Out Soil? Bio Bav can help.

BioBav Problem Solver is a 100% organic supplement designed to work in conjunction with any nutrient brand for unrivalled results. 

Composed of a high percentage of key trace elements helps stimulate weaker plants to strengthen and become healthy again. Users have noted that if a deficiency appears, once treated with BioBav it clears up quickly.

BioBav is 100% organic and can be used in combination with any nutrient brand for unrivaled quality and optimal results.

General Information

As well as fixing common deficiencies found within plants, BioBav is a soil improver that will maximise aeration whilst improving water retention properties of the substrate.

  • Weak plants become strong and healthy again.
  • Discoloured leaves become beautifully green and strong again.
  • Improve the water absorption capacity of the soil.
  • Rearranges and improves the physical structure of the earth and improves the soil thanks to many organo-minerals. The plants develop better and the yield increases.
  • Gives the macro and micro elements in the soil and in the roots a simple form of enzymes. The micro-organs increase the useful nutritional content and improve the absorption by the plant.
  • The important ingredients dissolve and turn into potassium salt, making the plant ready for use.
  • Strengthens / improves the smell and taste, and extends the shelf life of the product.
  • Controls the pH value and geothermal energy.
  • The need for chemical fertilizers is decreasing.

Any Illness or stress use Bio Bav Problem Solver to get you’re plants back on track

How to use

When plants show signs of stress add as problem solver 1 application of 5ml per litre once per week. Repeat weekly till plants have recovered.

To be used at a rate of 1.25ml - 5ml/L depending on stage of growth application is at.

Warning: don’t give BioBav together with products that kill bacteria (example: hydrogen peroxide)

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