Bio Tabs PK Booster Compost Tea


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PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE Biotabs acts directly on plant health and yield.

It contains a highly concentrated blend of plant compost (wine production waste), composted manure, bat guano, and seaweed meal, naturally rich in microorganisms and releasing P and K.

PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE contains a highly concentrated mixture of compost, Batguano, kelp, P and K. These bacteria give your plants a big dose of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), a real boost PK !!

What is that compost tea?

This is a liquid rich in organic matter resulting from composting; It can be used for watering outdoor plants and indoor. If the water is aerated, we get oxygenated compost tea. Oxygen promotes the development of microorganisms and gives a richer and more effective tea, odorless.

A rich soil life is of great importance for organic cultivation of plants. Bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms decompose organic matter and convert it into plant nutrients.

Over the range of bacteria and fungi is large and diverse in the ground, grow more plants. This has a direct impact on plant health and yield. A rich soil life, in addition, provides more food for plants. A rich life of the earth also produces antibiotics and vitamins to the plant.

PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE once prepared only lasts a few hours (up to four hours). It is used only with good quality water without chlorine. Because chlorine kills microorganisms. Or uses a pre-aerated water (Active aeration of the water evaporates chlorine). If the water is aerated, wait two hours before adding PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE.

Usage tips :

Add per liter of water (without chlorine and at room temperature): A mixture of tablespoon (15 gr.) PK BOOSTER COMPOSTS TEE and 5 ml of ORGATREX sold separately. Adding ORGATREX as nutrition for bacteria with aeration can cause explosive growth of microorganisms

Let boil for 24-36 hours in a bucket with a pump (sold separately) which will air the solution.

PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE will be much more effective if you add 1 teaspoon (5 liters of tea) of MYCOTREX (mycorrhizal fungi) half an hour before you stop mixing with the pump and you add MYCOTREX (sold separately).

Pour PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE on the floor on 4 hours after aeration. Try to keep the compost tea in motion while pouring.

Use a pint PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEE per plant.

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