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Slow-release organic fertilizer tablets, solution AND beneficial bacteria, for the outdoor (guerrilla) grower. Great for 5 large plants.

  • Less work, more yield.
  • Let nature work for you.
  • Guerrilla Box will get the most out of your plants; in organic terms of course.
  • GUERRILLA BOX can be used in indoor and outdoor crops.

Guerrilla Tabs (20 tablets)
Guerrilla Tabs are slow release organic fertilizer tablets. They condition the soil through microbiological activity and simultaneously fertilize the plant.

  • Organic slow release fertilizer tablets of 10 grams 15-7-8.
  • Use 4 tablets for a 10 liter container.
  • For plants directly in the ground: use 4 tablets per plant.
  • Bury them about 5 cm below the level of the substrate and then water the plants.


GUERRILLA JUICE is an organic liquid growth and flowering accelerator that promotes substrate health and optimal growing conditions. Guerrilla Juice organic 5-1-5.

  • Dilute 10 ml of Guerrilla Juice in 1 liter of water.
  • Water the plants with this solution once a week from the fourth week.
  • Organic ingredients certified by Control Union.

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