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BoomBoom Spray is a 100% organic plant bio-stimulant.

Containing 100% natural amino acids, peptides, glucides and minerals and acts in three ways:

  1. Firstly as an anti-stress reliever, aiding your plants, not to be susceptible to stress through extreme heat or cold temperatures, dehydration or draught trauma and even helps with stress levels from insufficient lighting.
  2. Secondly, BoomBoom gives your plants a nitrogen increase, thus producing darker shinier green leaves, and in actual fact gives your plants a nutritional increase effect as applying during vegetative stages greatly increases the photosynthetic capacity of your plants.
  3. Thirdly BoomBoom simply stimulates your plant's productivity, via your plant's growth rate and also the increase in absorption of minerals. BoomBoom Spray is absorbed very speedily by the leaves. It begins to have an effect after only two hours of spraying. BoomBoom can be used with all brands and fertiliser programs: biological, biomineral or chemical. BoomBoom can also be used with soil, coco and hydroponics. BoomBoomSpray is safe for plants, animals and humans and has been given organic input CONTROL UNION and is now OMRI certified. In accordance with EU regulation 889/2008, BoomBoomSpray may be used in organic farming.

Tip: Dissolve 5 ml of BoomBoom per 1 litre of water and a prepared solution should be used within 6 hours. After use, the plant sprayer should be rinsed thoroughly with water. DO NOT OVERDOSE

For indoor use: Spray the plants until dripping wet with a solution of 5 ml per litre of water. Preferably do this just after the lights go on.

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