Beanstalk - One Pot Pack (for 15L pot)


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The ultimate in 'one-and-done' nutrition for your plants!! Complete fertility from start to finish, three Beanstalk-controlled released fertilisers pre-measured in one handy pack!

  • This One Pot Pack contains 80g Aabsolute flower, 30g K Boost and 30g Ca Fortify (increased from 60/20/20 repectively) all from Beanstalk Agriculture. This will fertilise one plant in a 15L pot for 90 days; start to finish.
  • Add the complete contents of the pack to 15L of coco coir, coco mix or lightly fertilised potting soil.
  • Simply mix into your substrate when potting up and Beanstalk’s comprehensive solution will provide your crop with all the necessary minerals, micro and macro-nutrients that they need for maximum growth and yield.
  • This One Pot Pack should be applied 90 days prior to the intended harvest date
  • With the Beanstalk program, you can use growth stimulants, beneficial biological inoculants, and other additives such as silica. Just avoid using nutritional products.

To use, simply...

  • Fill the pot 2/3 or 3/4 with your chosen growing media, coco or potting soil.
  • Add the relevant dose of Beanstalk products.
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Pot up the plant, then top up the remaining 1/3 or 1/4 with coco or soil.
  • Irrigate with water and, optionally, your preferred silica and non-NPK additives.

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