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Bloombastic is a high-quality cocktail of bio-minerals and bio-stimulators that is suitable for the last flowering and ripening phase (4-6 weeks). Bloombastic increases the sugar content of your crop and therefore the weight and the smell.

By means of an explosion of sugar and flower production Bloombastic provides thick, dense, sweet-smelling flowers. Compared with other liquid flowering products, Bloombastic contains over 50% more bio-minerals (phosphorus and potassium) for which absolutely no ballast substances have been used (sodium and chlorine). Bloombastic also has an enzymatic influence in several areas, and therefore has a stress-preventing and recovering influence on the plant.

How it works

Bloombastic is a potent universal nutrient suitable for a variety of different fruits, vegetables and plants. In comparison to other liquid flowering products on the market, it contains over 50% phosphorus and potassium with no ballast substances, such as sodium and chlorine being used. The enzymatic influence this product has, powerfully influences several areas. It has stress-preventing and recovering influences on your plant. It will quickly increase the sugar content of your crop which in turn increases the weight and smell of the final flowers/fruit. Through this enhanced sugar production, you will see visibly thicker, denser and sweeter smelling flowers.

How to use Atami Bloombastic

Atami Bloombastic is suitable for all growing mediums and systems. Atami recommends use in the last 4-6 weeks of flowering and ripening alongside your chosen base nutrient. Use at a rate of 0.5-1ml/L of water. Atami also recommends use alongside B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator to even further enhance the flowering-phase stimulating effect. Bloombastic will increase the E.C. value in your basic nutrient solution, so please pay attention to this. Please remember to not use another PK nutrient alongside Bloombastic as it could lead to over fertilisation.

You can use Bloombastic with any substrate and in all irrigation systems, It is available in 100ml, 350ml, 1.25 L and 5.5L bottles. Bloombastic works perfectly alongside B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator and Rootbastic to form part of the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Atami.

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