Automatic Water Sprayer - 2L


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A 2L automatic spray bottle to help you water your plants with ease; has a single on/off button that can continuously spray water for up to 3 hours! It's large 2200 mAh power capacity that can quickly be recharged by USB.

Its automatic spray is quiet and non-disruptive, powered by an efficient motor that generates low noise. You can adjust this spray using the nozzle tip to get a wide range of spraying patterns from a strong, focused waterjet to a fine mist. Its 2-liter capacity tank features a sturdy thermoplastic build that is resilient and resists cracking that results from exposure to outdoor elements and ultraviolet rays.

This electric mister is commonly used with water or foliar spray, ideal for gardening applications like lawn and plant fertilizing, weeding, pest control, and general plant watering. It can also be used with alcohol or disinfectant in general cleaning applications to effectively sterilize and disinfect surfaces around your home, workshop, office, car, and more.

  • An electric garden sprayer with a 2L capacity tank designed to help you effortlessly water your plants.
  • Rechargeable sprayer with 2200 mAh power capacity supports up to 3 hours of continuous water diffusing.
  • One-button operation with low-noise spraying action provides ease and comfort of use.
  • Adjustable nozzle delivers a wide range of coverage options from a strong jet to a fine mist spray.
  • Sturdy thermoplastic build resists cracking resulting from exposure to outdoor elements and UV rays.

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