ATU - Auto Top Up Kit


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Add one of these ATU kits to any system or reservoir that you need to keep topped up when you are not there.

Ideal for adding to an NFT Gro Tank or Wilma system and also great for creating a DIY auto top-up bucket for a Mist Maker.

Anxiety about whether your tank will last long enough is the last thing you need when you are away from your plants. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, and this kit will ensure you're not worried about the worst happening while you are away. Simply drill the correct sized hole for the top-up valve, fit it to your tank/system and connect the valve with the pipework provided to another reservoir.

Top Tip: If you are topping up a hydro or growing system and you find your EC (strength of nutrients) rises over time as is typical, then set the EC lower in your top-up tank/header tank so as it tops up your system, it balances out the EC levels. The same can be done for pH - If you find your pH is rising over time as nutrient levels drop and the strength of nutrients increase, then set your pH lower in the header tank to balance the pH as it tops up also.

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