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Did you know that you can use Athena IPW (formerly known as IPM) M and Stack together as foliar spray? Combining both products drives the quality and overall vigour of the plant while reducing pests and pathogens. it also promotes tighter internodal spacing, node development and the plant's taste profile. 

Less waste, more yield. Trust The Program.

How to Use:

  1. Important: Make sure to feed your plants first with your normal feed, then spray this IPM+Stack mix to your plants. 
  2. Mix: IPW 15 to 24ml per litre + Stack1-2ml per litre
  3. Use from the veg stage through to the last day of week 3 of flower.
  4. Lower temperature to around 22° C and use dehumidifiers to maintain humidity around 55-65% to prevent mould and mildew issues
  5. Only spray when high-intensity lights are turned off to prevent burning (Work lights or green lights only, no grow lights)
  6. Start by spraying the media, following up the stalk making sure to drench the undersides and top of the leaves.
  7. Allow enough time to dry (3-4 hours) before high-intensity lights are turned on

What You Get:

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