Athena Pro Starter + Mix Kit


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Athena Pro Starter and Mix Kit comes with 2lb satchets of grow, bloom and core . Plus 3 x1 gallon mixing bottles which makes it easy and accurate to mix a concentrated fertilizer mix.

The 1 gallon mixing bottles has graduations to show where to fill up to, and the kit also comes included with 2lb scatchet of Core, Grow and Bloom. Just add a single pouch to the matching 1 gallon just, fill with water and shake until fully dissolved. Look for Athena 10 lb Pro Line box for refill pouches which come with 5x2lb satchets.

Weighing powders is inaccurate and can lead to batches with different mineral compositions and ultimately plant deficiencies. It's always better to mix a concentrate first before measuring into a batch tank or reservoir


  • (1) 2 lb pouch Pro Core plus 1 Gal mixing jug
  • (1) 2 lb pouch Pro Bloom plus 1 Gal mixing jug
  • (1) 2 lb pouch Pro Grow plus 1 Gal mixing jug

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