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Fade, a non-nitrogen finishing flush that supplies your plants with immobile nutrients (calcium or microelements), ensures they do not starve in the crucial ripening phase.

Athena Procedures

Fade is a nitrogen free finishing flush that provides your plants with the immobile nutrients they need to ensure they don't starve during the critical ripening stage. After extensive testing we have found that running Fade with Pro Bloom during the last two weeks of flower increases total biological compounds and terpene production without increasing the risk of deficiencies and rot.

These methods reduce or remove critical crop nutrients, like calcium and micro elements, hurting overall yield and possibly leading to rot. To address the shortcomings of traditional flush methods, we developed Fade. 

Using Athena Fade is simple. Just replace Core with Fade for the last 2 weeks of the flowering cycle. Use it at the same dosage rate as the Core concentrate mixed at 2 pounds per gallon for the last 2 weeks. Ensure that the pH is calibrated again due to Fade being slightly more acidic than Core. 

To encourage flower maturity and improve flower quality, excess nitrogen can be a problem. You must reduce or eliminate nitrogen from the flowers at the end.

You can check out their Athena Blended Line Feed schedule, and other associated Athena Procedures here. 

We have found out that using Fade with Pro Bloom in the final 3 weeks of flower production increased the total cannabinoid, terpene and vitamin levels without increasing the chance of bud rot or deficiencies.

  • Finishing enhancer that is nitrogen-free
  • High levels of microelements and calcium for a perfect finish
  • Similar liquid dilution rates to Pro Core (2 lbs per gallon concentrate).
  • During the last 3 weeks of flower, replace Pro Core

Applicant Rates

In the last 3 weeks of flowering, add 10-16ml of Fade to every gallon of water.

For specific recommendations, see Feed Schedules.

  • The Best Practices
  • Before using, shake well.
  • Make sure to use clean measuring tools.
  • Regularly monitor EC and adjust based on the crop stage and growth stage.
  • After mixing all fertilizers, adjust pH to the desired levels.
  • Combine in undiluted form.
  • After mixing all fertilizers, adjust pH levels to the desired level.
  • Keep it in the original container at 45°F to 85°F.

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