Optic Foliar Atak - Powdery Mildew Treatment


Size: 250ml Concentrate
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Optic Foliar ATAK is the only control spray against Powdery Mildew on the market that can be applied with the lights on with no damage or burning to the leaves or flowers. Comprised of copper sulphate and organics; ATAK is safe to use in late bloom up to one week before harvest and will not leave any trace chemicals within the plant at harvest.

ATAK can be sprayed with the lights on, no damage or burning to the leaves and no residuals to wash off! Optic Foliar ATAK is the only fungus product on the market that guarantees no damage to the leaves while providing safe non-toxic results that leave nothing within the plant that will affect the taste or the quality of crops.



  • It's a non-toxic formula;
  • It can be applied when the lights are on without causing damage to your plants' leaves;
  • It's designed at the highest Optic Foliar standards of quality and performance.

The Science

The formula comprises copper sulfate and organics and it's made for use up to one week prior to harvest. The solution doesn't leave residuals on your plants or trace chemicals within the plants at harvest. You can spray the formula onto your crops' leaves without causing burning or damage. It doesn't affect the taste or quality of medicinal plants. You can use the concentrated solution to prevent and fight Pythium root rot in your plants' root zones to guarantee a safe environment for your plants to grow.

How to Use

Use ATAK to eradicate powdery mildew and improve your crops' health. The dual action of the formula combats and eliminates powdery mildew while improving your plants' immune systems. Use the formula once every week to keep your plants clean and shiny. Store the product in a safe and protected place and keep it away from extreme temperatures. Keep the product out of children's reach. Wear protective clothing whenever you're using ATAK.

The dual action of ATAK immediately combats and eradicates PM on the leaves while also signalling the plant to increase its SARS response to boost its own immunity and internal defence systems. Utilize ATAK to prevent or combat mould, and increase plant health concerns anytime from cuttings to late stages of flower.

Additional Usage Notes:

  • Best used with distilled water
  • Shake products well before use
  • Spray while lights are on
  • Do not adjust pH of foliar spray
  • Avoid sprayings any electrical or lighting


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