Aptus Dislike - 100ml


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Is your indoor garden susceptible to flying, crawling and sucking insects, such as spider mites, thrips or aphids? Are you on the lookout for prevention before an infestation potentially starts?

Then look no further than Aptus Dislike. The organic formula of Aptus Dislike is a blend of five specifically selected essential oils known to repel insects. It will keep your indoor garden and your plants safe from an infestation, which could potentially ruin all your previous hard work, resulting in unhealthy plants and a poor harvest. Use Aptus Dislike as a foliar spray once a week, throughout the entire grow, and it’ll keep insects at a distance, allowing your plants to thrive.

KEY VALUES: Prevents infestations of flying, crawling and sucking insects Organic formula made from 5 essential oils Can be used throughout the entire grow cycle Should be used as a prevention rather than a cure

DIRECTIONS OF USE: 4-8ml per litre of water and apply as a foliar spray once a week by thoroughly covering the plant.

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