Apogee MQ-510 PAR Meter + Wand


Option: With Protective Case + £35
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For those underwater biologists, this Apogee meter is exactly like the MQ-500, but can be used underwater.  

Comes as standard with the extension wand to attach the sensor, and also an option of a protective case (with foam lining).

The MQ-510 quantum meter is designed for underwater PAR measurements and already applies the sensor's immersion effect correction factor to the meter readings through firmware. The meter provides excellent measurements under all light sources, including LEDs. The meter consists of a waterproof quantum sensor attached via waterproof cable to a handheld meter. The waterproof sensor incorporates a blue-enhanced silicon photodiode and custom optical filters with a rugged, anodized aluminum body with acrylic diffuser. The underwater quantum sensor is typically used in saltwater aquariums where corals are grown. Note: The handheld meter is not waterproof, only the sensor. cable and the A320 telescopic lance (this lance is different to that included with other models) are waterproof.

Specification Sheet

MQ-510 Manual

Comes with the option of a 5" x 8" x 1" zippered neoprene pouch for safely storing Apogee meters, microCache devices, and sensors and is water-resistant. The extendable wand is included for you to attach the sensor to.

Modelled against the MQ500 Apogee's flagship and industry's standard. The Apogee meter will optimise and maximise the potential of your lights. Forget about watts (the input), it is actually the output that should be measured - this is PPFD (photon synthetic flux density) is the true measure of light that plants need.

The sensor is designed to measure the scientifically recognised photosynthetically active range of 400-700 nm.

The Apogee quantum meters(AKA par meter) are the industry standard and tool of choice for professionals and scientists all over the world. Accurately measuring PPFD from all light sources. The MQ500 is a hand-held meter, attached via cable, that displays and stores measurements.  The wand extends so you can get to those harder to reach places in your grow room.

The MQ-510 performs exactly the same underwater as the MQ-500, but the MQ-510 simply multiplies the PAR reading by 1.32 to account for the immersion effect. The MQ-510 is a full-spectrum quantum sensor (SQ/MQ-500 Series) with a spectral range of 389 to 692 nm ± 5 nm, which can be seen in the graph below. This improved spectral response of this meter increases the accuracy of LED measurements compared to our original models.

Sample mode will record up to 99 manual measurements. Log mode will power the meter on/off to make a measurement every 30 seconds. Every 30 minutes the meter will average the sixty 30 second measurements and record the averaged value to memory.

The meter can store up to 99 averages, once full it will start to overwrite the oldest measurement with new ones. A Daily Light Integral will be recorded from the 48 averaged measurements (making a 24 hr period). Sample and log measurements can be reviewed on the LCD display or by downloading the data to a computer, however, the integrated daily total can only be viewed by downloading the data to a computer.

Downloading data to a computer requires the AC-100 communication cable (a standard USB cable will not work) and ApogeeAMS software. NOT INCLUDED

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