Amblyseius Swirskii - Tube of 25,000 Predators for Thrips


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*SPECIAL ORDER* - comes drop shipped by special recorded delivery DIRECT to you from our UK manufacturer (not a third party). Expect a few days for delivery; they come to you FERRR-REESSH to you; cheaper ones online get them from overseas and they'll be limp /dead by the time you get them. or by Wednesday to get them Friday. 

Why is Amblyseius swirskii superior to Amblyseius cucumeris?

The premium predator; Amblyseius swirskii outperforms the alternative Amblyseius cucumeris given suitable temperature conditions. The Swirskii predators will kill larger stages of thrip larvae than Cucumeris meaning they eliminate numerous generations of a pest population.

When Should I use loose Swirskii ?

We advise using loose Swirskii when thrip is already present on the plant. This releases a large number of active predators straight away to bring infestations under control.

What conditions do Amblyseius swirskii need?

Amblyseius swirskii are active at temperatures over 20 degrees and are tolerant to high temperature environments. This makes them ideal for use in glasshouses, polytunnels and indoor growing environments. Relative humidity should be around 70% (lower levels can cause lower egg hatch rates). DO NOT apply if you have used chemical treatments in the past 2 weeks.

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