Alien V-System 15 Pot


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A revolutionary RDWC system, unlike other hydroponics systems the V-SYSTEM’s™ JET-STREAM® Vortex water pump is located outside of the header pot so less heat is transferred to the fluid. Cooler water temps mean less chance of root rot and other pathogens affecting your crop. 

The V-SYSTEM™ doesn’t use an air pump to oxygenate the nutrient solution. Instead, using precision design, the water flow creates a whirlpool that oxygenates the fluid content of the entire pot rather than just the area around the air source. No matter where your roots are growing in the pot they will receive the highest oxygen levels to grow amazing crops.  Similar to the BubbleGen, it uses the same venturi principle of sucking air into the system via the flow of water - this means your system gets aerated without the need for a separate air pump (reducing noise and power consumption). Simple yet effective.

The massive 58ltr V-SYSTEM™ pots can hold giant root zones allowing for huge plants and the highest yields. Expertly designed, the sloped shape of the pot also enables you to drain the entire system so you’ll only grow in the freshest water.

Ultra-wide, customisable length, 5” tubing and the Vortex pump create a free-flowing system that simultaneously injects each pot with nutrient solution. Whether you have a 4, or a 48 pot system, the nutrients supplied to your plants will be equal in every pot, giving you a consistent crop.

Product Kit Part 1 + Part 2

Product Instructions

Product Specifications

Key Benefits

Key Features
  • Efficient Nutrient Distribution
  • Maximum Oxygen Saturation
  • No Air Pump needed
  • No Heat transferred
  • Vortex Fluid Motion 
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Supports Large Plants
  • Pots Totally Drain
  • Free-Flowing
  • Made in Britain
  • 58L V-POT
  • Water Fill Line
  • Drainage bases
  • Venturi injectors
  • Inspection Covers
  • 5" spiral tubing
  • Integrated filtration
  • T304 Stainless clamps
  • 5" Dual-Flow™ Fittings
  • Heavy duty components 
  • Push-Fit feed connections
  • JET-STREAM® Vortex™ pump

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