ALIEN® AERO™ 10 Pot 15L PRO Silver Series


Tank: No Tank
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Incredibly water efficient, our closed-loop aeroponics system enables gardeners to grow plants in record time, save on costs, and use up to 95% less water than plants grown in soil. Customers have the option to set up their AERO™ system as a recirculating or run-to-waste system to find out what works for them.

System specification:

Minimum footprint:
Length: 2.25m Width: 0.75m
(Pots as close as possible)
(without tank)

Maximum footprint: 
Length: 3.3m Width: 0.95m
(with supplied amount of pipe)
(60cm plant centres)



Water tank: 100L

Plant centres: 50-60cm

Feed Pump:

Model: RAIN™ AR01001

Maximum Flow: 3500 L/hr

Power: 200W

Drain Pump:

Model: JET-STREAM™ Drain

Maximum flow: 2270 L/hr

Voltage: 12V DC

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