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Supercharge your AutoPots by getting more air to the roots with the Airdome. Using an Airdome is simple, due to the increased oxygen around the roots it can increase growth by up to 50%.

Bigger, better plants in less time! Simply place an airdome in the bottom of the pot, fill the pot with your usual growing medium and connect the airline of the airdome to an air pump.

How the Air Dome Works

The Air Dome is a dome-shaped piece of plastic mesh that houses a cross-section of porous tubing. This dome sits at the bottom of the container, buried underneath the substrate. When connected to an air pump (supplied separately), the mesh acts as a protective cover for the flow of air moving through the porous tubing and towards the root-zone.

Oxygen is essential for healthy roots; because AutoPots are fed from underneath, supplying air to the containers is great way to ensure that the substrate doesn’t become too soggy, which can lead to root diseases like Pythium. Once root diseases develop, plants can suffer terrible consequences within a very short period of time. A plentiful supply of oxygen creates a root-friendly environment that will lead to ongoing benefits, from the earliest stages through to harvest time!

How to Use the Air Dome

The Air Dome needs to be installed before transferring substrate into the AutoPot containers. Connect 4 x 2 inch pieces of porous tubing to the outlets of the included cross connector. The end of each piece of porous tubing can then be connected to the four points around the inner circumference of the Air Dome. On the outer circumference, you will see an inlet point, onto which 4mm airline tubing (supplied separately) can be fitted. The other end of the airline tubing should be attached to your air pump. It’s always sensible to fit a check valve when using air pumps. This removes the possibility of the siphoning of water back to the air pump in the event of a power failure, by ensuring that air only travels in one direction.

Next, make sure that your copper root control disc (supplied with the AutoPot) is placed in the bottom of the AutoPot container, so that the copper side is facing upwards. On top of this, place the Air Dome. Make sure that the connections are completely secure before transfering substrate into the container so that it covers the dome.

Note that if you are supplying multiple AutoPots with the same air pump, it is advisable to keep the airline tubing between the pump and each container at equal lengths. This is to maintain even pressure levels and ensure that each container is oxygenated equally.

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