Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

Size: 250ml
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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym is an enzyme solution that actively breakdowns dead roots, then creates reusable nutrition to provide food and energy for your plants.

When growing outdoors, enzymes will appear naturally in the fertile, rich soil to break down dead roots and organic matter. Still, indoors, Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients is recommended to help this process by improving the root zone and creating a vigorous enzymatic environment that turns dead roots, unused nutrients and organic matter into useable food to help promote vigorous and healthy growth.

  • Enzyme solution actively breakdowns dead roots and unusable organic matter
  • It helps create reusable food and energy for your plants
  • Improves the root zone and promotes healthy growth
  • It can be used in all types of grow systems - soil, coco and hydroponics

DIRECTIONS OF USE: 2ml per litre of water from week 1-6 of flowering

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