Advanced Nutrients Revive

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Advanced Nutrients Revive

Advanced Nutrients Revive a liquid fertilizer, which improves your plants' health. The formula is designed to help your plants overcome stress from transportation, transplanting or nutrient deficiency. The product contains essential macro and micronutrients, which your plants can easily absorb. Growers also use Revive as a foliar spray to accelerate nutrient absorption.

The fertilizer is easy to use, and it's suitable for all growing systems. Heal your plants with Revive and enjoy top-quality harvests.

How to Use

You can use Advanced Nutrient Revive with any growing system or medium. Help your plants recover from stressful situations by adding 5 ml/L in case of nutrient deficiencies. To prevent stress, use Revive during the vegetative and blooming phases in a dosage of 1 ml/L. If you're using Revive as a foliar spray, add 1 ml/L.

Best Practices

Revive is a powerful fertilizer, which you can add to your water reservoir and mix thoroughly. If you're growing plants in hydroponics systems, coco, Rockwool or clay pebbles, make sure the pH level is between 5.6 and 6.2. Keep the pH towards the lower end of the scale because it will rise naturally after you've added the nutrient. If you're growing in soil, you shouldn't adjust the pH.

If you want to adjust it, maintain the level between 6 and 7. The pH level will rise naturally. Store the formula in a dark and cool place and keep it away from extreme temperatures. When handing the product, use protective gloves. Avoid skin and eye contact. In case of contact with your eyes or your skin, rinse immediately. Keep the formula away from children's reach.

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