Advanced Nutrients - Overdrive

Size: 250ml
Sale price£15.00


Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients is a PK booster that was developed to be used during the last 3 weeks of flower once you have stopped using Advanced Nutrients Big Bud between weeks 2-4.

As the name suggests, Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is a booster used in late flowering that pushes your plants to their limit as they approach harvest, giving you healthy plants and amazing yields that you will be proud of.

Overdrive is recommended to be used with Sensi Grow/Bloom or Connoisseur A&B and will not cause you any problems with Advanced Nutrients pH perfect technology.

  • PK boost to be used in the last 3 weeks of the bloom cycle
  • Increases the final yield of harvest
  • Ideal to be used with the Advanced Nutrients range

DIRECTIONS OF USE: 2ml per litre of water in the final 3 weeks of flowering.

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