Advanced Nutrients Tasty Terpenes (Nirvana)

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Advanced Nutrients Tasty Terpenes is one of the go to products for growers who want stronger, sturdier stalks and bulkier, more potent flowers. Through a combination of organic, natural ingredients which accelerate plant development, strengthen their immune system and maximise the size and quality of your flowers.

How It Works

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect…

  • Kelp extract and alfalfa meal have all kinds of vitamins to help boost plant performance
  • Potassium revs up your floral production
  • Amino acids help your plants grow sturdier stalks and bulkier flowers

Advanced Nutrients Tasty Terpenes is comprised of natural ingredients such as Calcium oxide, Iron, Silica, Magnesium, Nitrogen, phosphorus Pentoxide, Manganese, L-amino acids and natural surfactants. The whole range of natural feed is considered with Tasty Terpenes; earthworm castings, humus, seaweed extract, yucca extract, bat guano and alfalfa meal are all ready to be absorbed by your plants. Tasty Terpenes also contains Azomite which is a source of more than 70 trace elements; these ingredients deliver the nutrients your plants need for robust growth, simultaneously encouraging a strong production of terpenes and essential oils. Tasty Terpenes is expertly formulated to ensure it does not clog drippers or form any sludge.

How to Use Advanced Nutrients Tasty Terpenes

Advanced Nutrients recommend using Tasty Terpenes alongside a base nutrient such as Sensi Bloom or Connoisseur Bloom from weeks 3-6 of flowering at a rate of 2ml per litre. For soil applications, some growers choose to use Tasty Terpenes with every second or third watering. Tasty Terpenes is suitable for use with any growing system or media.

Advanced Nutrients Tasty Terpenes flowering additive sits alongside Overdrive and Bud Ignitor to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Advanced Nutrients. 

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