Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush

Size: 1L
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Kushie Kush helps produce and boost the fragrance of your plants. Advanced No one else produces a specific booster for these plants which makes this product totally unique. 

Kushie Kush provides PK but in the very specific rations that will get these plants producing optimised amounts of the most potent flowers. Amino acids provide the building blocks of proteins for increased blooming and increased metabolism.

Kushie Kush contains a full spectrum of Amino Acids from the highest quality of sources. Kushie Kush noticeably increases the number, size and quality of your flowers. This booster is fully compatible with Sensi Bloom & Connoisseur and will not affect their “pH perfect” technology.

How to use Advanced Nutrients - Kushie Kush:

Kushie Kush is for use as a flowering booster & stimulator in addition to your usual hydroponic base nutrient (preferably Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom or Connoisseur) from week 1 to week 6 of flowering.

Use at Dosage: 2ml/Litre at weeks 2 to 5 during bloom phaes.

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