Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead

Size: 250ml
Sale price£8.00


*This product is currently available exclusively in Europe and is a new and improved version of our legacy HammerHead.

Go beyond the standard PK booster with Hammerhead, a tried-and-true bloom booster rigorously researched and tested on the type of plant you grow. With the ideal 1:3 PK ratio your crops crave, Hammerhead fuels floral production to reward you with the lush, potent, sizable harvest you deserve.

Use at 2ml/l from week 2 to week 7 of flower. 

  • Zero added nitrogen protects your plants from the dangers of nitrogen toxicity
  • Optimal 1:3 PK ratio required for heavier yields of dense, potent, flavorful flowers
  • Potassium citrate maximizes nutrient uptake without toxicity from common chelators

HammerHead has been specially designed to pair with our Sensi Terra™ Series base. It is also completely compatible with all pH Perfect Base Nutrients as well as with all non pH Perfect Base Nutrients and supplements and all competitors’ Base Nutrients and supplements.

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