Advanced Nutrients - Coco Big Bud

Size: 250ml
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Big Bud Coco from Advanced Nutrients is an early flowering booster that is designed to really give your plants a head start. It contains all the potassium and phosphorus your plants need at this time of the life cycle, all in the correct ratio.

They claim that most other boosters have incorrect mixes for indoor growing plants and could cause a build-up of elements. This may end up leading to toxic levels of minerals and a stunt to growth.

By using Big Bud Coco, you are maximizing the plants early flowering output, ready for heavy fruiting later on.

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco delivers these secondary and micronutrients at the most crucial time during your plants' life cycle to help them push their harvest to beyond its potential with increased production, weight and width of your crops.

Dilution: 2ml per litre during weeks 2-4 of flowering.

For the ultimate bloom boosting regime, combine with Advanced Nutrients’ Bud Blood and Overdrive.

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