Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X

Size: 250ml
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Bud factor potentiates the nutrients in your solution so you get the most out of your entire nutrient range.

Using Bud Factor X, growers can avoid falling victim to reliance on chemical controls such as sulphur that significantly reduce the qualities such as flavour and aroma in the harvest.

  • Provides nutrition for beneficial microbes in the root zone.
  • Dramatically boosts yield, potency and overall plant health
  • A highly potent immune response stimulator
  • Can be used in any medium hydro, coco, soil and aeroponics
  • Triggers plants to maximise their ability to produce essential oils and resins.
  • Can be applied as a foliar spray (In Darkness)
  • Strengthens plants against stress, pests and diseases

How to Use

Use Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X from week 1 of the blooming phase up to 2 weeks before the flush. Use Bud Factor X at a dosage of 2 ml/L. You can also apply Bud Factor X as a foliar spray.

Best Practices

Bud Factor X is a powerful additive, which you can mix into your water container or water tank and stir well. Add the base nutrients and follow with any boosters and supplements.

Store Bud Factor X in a dark and cool area, away from extreme temperatures. Keep the product away from children. Use protective gloves whenever you're handling the product. Make sure you avoid contact with your eyes and skin. Rinse immediately in case of contact.

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