Advanced Nutrients - Bud Blood

Size: 300g
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What is Bud Blood? Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood contains special forms of Phosphorous and Potassium that get your plants to begin profuse flowering earlier and faster. Add Bud Blood to your nutrient solution during the first two weeks of flowering to quickly establish flowering sites and fuller flowers!!
Use Bud Blood at full strength of 0.5 g per litre during the first two weeks of flowering. Bud Blood helps to reduce excessive vegetative growth during the early flowering stage giving you greater control over the height of your plants.
  • It protects your plants and reduces crop losses.
  • It multiplies the number of bloom sites on your plants
  • It forces those blooming sites to pop out bigger, heavier, juicier flowers
  • And most importantly, it allows you to get bigger, heavier harvests faster and more times per year
  • You'll see fewer crop losses and stronger, happier plants because these ingredients have been scientifically proven to help plants promote from improper pH, nutrient deficiencies, water problems, and oxidation
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