Advanced Nutrients - Big Bud

Size: 250ml
Sale price£12.00


Big Bud is not another PK booster, but is known as THE flowering booster; contains the entire spectrum of yield-busting and quality-boosting ingredients. Big Bud is very highly recommended amongst the elite.

  • Designed by a team of top scientists dedicated to making products of excellence
  • Manufactured to the highest possible standards
  • Provides extra Phosphorous and Potassium (PK) for profuse flowering
  • Contains L-amino acids - the building blocks of proteins and flowers
  • Includes ascorbic and citric acids to assist respiration
  • Perfect for use with the range of Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters
  • Contains

How does it work?

This product not only provides PK but also a whole lot more to increase flower formation and quality. Amino acids provide the building blocks of proteins for increasedblooming and increased metabolism.

Magnesium helps to prevent potassium toxicity and improves texture and flavour while Ascorbic and Citric acids improve respiration and metabolism. Big Bud noticeably increases the number of flowering-sites and the number of flowers during the early to middle parts of flowering.

Dilution: 2ml per litre during weeks 2-4 of flowering.

Towards the end of flowering, we recommend you switch your booster to Overdrive in order to finish, swell and ripen your crop. 

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