Adjust-A-Wing Medium Defender Digital 600w Complete Kit


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Adjust a wing have long been of of the best premium grow light reflector manufactures in the industry, made famous by there adjust a wing avenger double parabolic reflector with patented glass coated reflector for superior reflection and light spread, the adjust a wing enforcer is the hobby growers reflector and now we have the brand new Defender The ideal reflector for commercial and profesional growers on a budget. This is the industry workhorse.

Defender :- This is our “industrial strength range”. Reflection is similar to that of the Enforcer (approx 86%) and our guarantee is the same, but the surface is "titanium white" heat resistant powder coat that produces a very diffuse and evenly spread light footprint. The base metal is H18 aluminium alloy (3% magnesium) that is extra strong and springy and will maintain perfect parabolic curves under the roughest of handling during assembly, disassembly or relocating.


  • Low Cost for High Reflectivity
  • Control "Hot Spots" by attaching a "Super-Spreader"


  • Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors in the global market
  • Increase the growing Area under each lamp by up to 75%
  • Increase Yield per Lamp up to 50%. Reduce heat, Save power

Overall dimension at Widest Setting

  • 54cm x 38cm (21.3" x 15")
  • 70cm x 55cm (27.5" x 21.5")
  • 100cm x 70cm (39.5" x 27.5")

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