AC Infinity UIS To UIS Extension Cable - Male to Female 10 Feet


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An extension cable to connect AC Infinity controllers to fan and light devices in grow applications.
Compact design engineered to fit with UIS™ connectors and ports and ensure a firm, secure connection.
Provides UIS™ devices with smart controls like temperature humidity triggers, timers, and scheduling.
Creates a connection over longer distances with controllers like CONTROLLER 69 and CONTROLLER 63.
Works with CLOUDRAY, CLOUDLINE LITE, IONGRID, and IONBOARD in grow tents, rooms, and closets.
An extension cable designed to connect AC Infinity controllers to fan and grow light devices for use in grow applications. This maximizes the utility of your smart controller by extending their reach to compatible devices, and provide intelligent programming like climate triggers, timers, and scheduling. The extender cord’s compact design is engineered to fit in UIS connectors and ports to ensure a tight, secure connection. Compatible controllers include CONTROLLER 69 and CONTROLLER 63.

This cable is used to extend the connection between your existing AC Infinity controller and UIS devices, compatible with the following in grow tent, room, and closet settings:

CONTROLLER 69 – Grow Tent Controller
CONTROLLER 63 – Wireless Fan Speed Controller
CLOUDRAY Series – Clip-on Circulation Fans
CLOUDLINE LITE Series – Inline Duct Fans
IONGRID Series – Halo LED Grow Lights
IONBOARD Series – LED Grow Lightboards

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