AC Infinity Ionboard S44 LED Grow Light - 400W


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The Ionboard S44 LED Grow Light features a proprietary LED driver that enables 0-100% dimming with an easy-to-use control knob that adjusts light intensity in 20% increments.

The driver also contains a port that enables daisy chaining and can connect with our smart controllers to access grow cycles, scheduling, app control, and more. Join our ecosystem of controllers and grow equipment including fans and lights, all working together to achieve the optimal environment.


  • Light Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 1.1cm
  • Coverage: 4 x 4ft
  • Watts: 400w
  • PPFD / Efficiency:  1937PPFD / 2.75 µmol/j
  • Diodes / Chip Count: Samsung LM301B / 1024
  • Spectrum: 660nm, 730nm, 3000K, 5000K  


  • Dimmable LED grow light designed with an optimized spectrum and diode positioning, to maximize plant yields
  • Specially formulated full-spectrum Samsung LM301B LEDs to achieve the highest growth rates in all plant stages.
  • Algorithmically positioned diodes create the most uniform PAR map and the deepest canopy penetration.
  • Dimmer enables 0 to 100% brightness. Can connect with our smart controllers to access grow cycles, scheduling, and app.
  • Constructed on a unibody aluminium board and IP-65 rated for grow environments with higher humidity and heat.

A full spectrum LED grow light designed with algorithmically positioned Samsung LM301B diodes to maximize plant yields. Features a proprietary driver that enables

dimming, daisy chaining, and can connect with our intelligent controllers. 

Built on a fanless, unibody aluminium board to dissipate heat and extend the diodes’ lifetime.

All components are sealed to IP-65 standards to maintain peak performance even in a grow environment with higher temperatures and humidity.

Includes a pair of metal bar hangers and rope hangers.

This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment.

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