AC Infinity Cloudray S6 EC Oscillating Clip Fan - 6"

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A next-gen clip fan designed from the ground up to provide precise air circulation for all stages of a plant’s growth. Utilizes a cutting-edge EC motor with PWM control to access a full range of fan speeds, from gentle breezes to a powerful airflow.

Hydro Bros Notes:

  • An EC-powered fan means you get more air movement per watt (up to 12w at the highest setting!)
  • Make sure to run it 18 on 6 hours off. Your fan will thank you for it!
  • Can connect up to AC Infinity controller to set on/off times
  • 10 speeds - with a max airflow of 315CFM, which is 535m3/h 

Note - whilst it's an EC fan, it doesn't make it indestructible nor mean you should run it 24hrs constantly if you want it to last. 

  • AC Infinity recommends running it for no more than 18 hours constantly - get the controller and set a schedule
  • Cable tie the cord from the unit to the grill so the wire doesn't move as the fan oscillates 
  • Make sure to provide enough slack for the power cord and the extension cord. The fan should be able to oscillate freely without having to tug on its cords.
  • Attaching the fan to the MIDDLE pole of your tent, to avoid any chance of the fan oscillating into the side of your tent ...the cogs inside are delicate instruments, and you will burn it out / break the gearbox if it oscillates into an immovable object constantly. 
  • Don't hang the fan upside down
  • Don't tilt the fan down such that the blades are getting stressed out
  • All of the above actually goes for all clip fans
  • In short, don't treat it like shit and it'll last. 

The ten-speed levels are shown with a circular LED display that dims after fan speed is set to leave your plant's light cycle undisturbed. Adjustable head tilt and swivelling arm provide flexible directional airflow options.

Features a heavy-duty clamp that tightly grips onto grow tent poles of all sizes for a secure vertical hold. Each unit is IP-44 rated to be highly resistant to humidity and temperature. Can be powered through a standard outlet with its 8-foot power plug cord.

Designed with an EC motor to provide precise air circulation for all stages of a plant’s growth.
Digital 10 speeds, from gentle breezes for seedlings to a powerful airflow for flowering.
IP-44 is rated specifically for the growing environment to be resistant to high humidity and heat.

Connects with smart controllers to access climate triggers, grow cycles, scheduling, and more.

Features a cutting-edge Electronically Commutated (EC) motor, controlled digitally using precise electronic pulses. This PWM technology enables the fan to access the full range of its speed 0 to 100%. Set the optimal circulation for any plant growth stage, from ultra-gentle breezes for germination and seedlings, to a powerful airflow for vegetative and flowering. Includes a corded adapter that can be used to connect to AC Infinity smart controllers to access climate triggers, grow cycles, scheduling, and more. Controllers are sold separately.

This series was designed from the ground up for a grow space environment. All components are specially sealed to IP-44 standards to be highly resistant to liquids and dust. As a result, the system can maintain peak performance and a long lifespan even in harsher surroundings with high humidity and temperatures.

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