Collapsible Plant Supports


Size: 90cm
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High yields are the goal for every grower of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. However, particularly large produce may begin to weigh down your plants. This can interfere with their ability to continue ripening (if they’re leaning away from grow lights) or can strain branches to the point of bending or breaking. 

Fold and go 

These collapsible supports can be unfolded in seconds, making them a perfect emergency supply for sagging plants. They’ll hold heavy fruits and flowers while keeping the leaf canopy at its usual height. 

They’re much easier to store and move around than standard netting and provide greater freedom to grow in all directions. 

More uniform canopy

The lower plants hang, the further away they are from the lighting and ventilation that helps them grow. By keeping heavy fruits and flowers from drooping, these frames maintain an even height throughout the plant canopy.

Weatherproof design 

The plant supports are designed for indoor and outdoor use and have a robust plastic coating. They’re completely waterproof, so they’ll withstand all weather conditions and will not corrode or rust in hydroponic systems.

How to use Grow Tools Collapsible Plant Supports? 

Unfold the legs of the plant support. Make sure that the legs are evenly spaced and keep the unit steady. Gently push the spikes on the bottom of the support’s legs into your substrate to keep it firmly in place. You can then unfold the metal rings and adjust them to your desired height. 

The plant support may be used alone, but it is advised to secure branches in place using twist ties. 

Where to use Grow Tools Collapsible Plant Supports?

The supports are made from hard-wearing metal with a plastic coating. They’ll stay in top condition indoors, outdoors, and in hydroponic systems. 

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