315w Focus Remote CDM Lighting Kit


Size: 315w Focus Remote (930 Agro)
Sale price£199.00


Remote = Ballast is NOT FIXED to the reflector! Have it outside your grow room!

Lamp: 315 Watt Philips CDM Lamp (942 or 930)
Ballast: 315 Watt Maxibright Daylight CDM Ballast 
Reflector: Maxibright Focus Reflector (remote reflector)

You can run it as a standalone or supplemental light, the choice is yours. Either way, plants will be exposed to a broad light spectrum with lots of UVA & UVB to boost yield quality. 

You get a focused footprint of 0.8m x 0.8m  - 1m x 1m

  • 21.46% More Light On Target
  • Broader Light Spectrum (More UVA & UVB)
  • Plants will smell, look & taste better!
  • Plants will end up bigger and bushier with more flowering sites and deeper root systems

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