100% White Lightite Sheeting (2m wide)


Size: 10m Roll
Sale price£22.00


Total blackout - thick and lightproof sheeting

White Lightite (otherwise known as White-Black-White) - this is white on both side. The sheeting features a layer of black light-tight polythene sandwiched between two layers of white reflective grow-sheeting. Ideal for separating two grow spaces with different dark periods, for light-sealing windows or just as a tough reflective grow-sheet.

  • Also known as White Black White sheeting
  • Highly reflective - efficiently reflects light back into your garden on both sides
  • Proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • 100% light-tight - completely prevents light leaks from your grow-space
  • Ideal for separating two grow-spaces or for blacking out windows
  • Can be used to seal light out of a grow-space
  • 2m width

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