25mm White Cool Pipe (tubing)

N/ASKU: 4128

Size: Per Metre
Sale price£2.95


Heavy duty - The outer layer is white, helping reflect all heat and light and the inner layer is black.

This is not the branded iceline pipe - that pipe costs a million pounds which we don't stock..but can get it if you need it, please call the store. 

Note: when buying "per metre" it'll be a single length of the number of metres you purchased. Eg. if you buy 4 metres, you will get one length that is 4 metres, and NOT 4 x 1m lengths. Ain't nobody got time to cut them into 1m lengths!! :) 

A very simple product that has a massive effect on nutrient temperatures. The dual-core technology means that Ice Cool outperforms conventional black pipe in all applications Temperatures are reduced by up to 15%. 

  • Heavy Duty House, Reinforced with fibre mesh;
  • White in colour to reflect light;
  • Flexible, but doesn't kink;
  • Made in UK with high quality virgin PVC.

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