IWS 16mm Drain Fittings

IWSSKU: 3183

Option: IWS Universal Tee Piece
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IWS Universal Tee Piece

A Universal Tee-Piece that fits perfectly into the Outer Pot Sealing Gland of the Standard (non-Pro) IWS Hydroponic Systems. Fetaures barbed pipe connections to ensure securely fitted pipes. It's used for the non-end-of-line pots.

IWS Straight Piece

The IWS Straight Piece is a like-for-like replacement for the Straight Piece used to connect Flexi Pipe to the Sealing Glands on the IWS Brain Bucket. It features a barbed end which creates a secure, water-tight fitting.

IWS Universal Elbow

A Universal Elbow that fits perfectly into the Outer Pot Sealing Gland of the Standard (non-Pro) IWS Hydroponic Systems. The IWS Universal Elbow fits onto the end of a piping-run to terminate the pipe and provide a convenient way of “turning the corner” into the last Outer Pot on your IWS Hydroponics system. The barbs on one end of the Universal Elbow hold it very securely in the piping. The smooth end of the Universal Elbow fits perfectly into an IWS Sealing Gland on either an IWS Outer Pot or on the Brain-Pot.

Female Hose Tail Barbed

IWS Female Hose Tail Barbed fitting connects 25mm Pro fittings to 13mm standard pipe for returning to the Brain Pot Control Unit.

IWS M25 Sealing Gland

The IWS M25 Sealing Gland is exactly the same Sealing Gland used in the Outer Pots and Brain-Pot of the IWS Hydroponic Systems. This direct replacement can be used to replace a lost or broken Sealing Gland, or can be kept as a spare, just in case.

IWS Barbed Swivel Elbow

Replacement 13mm IWS Swivel Elbow to fit IWS Flexi Tanks.

IWS Copper Root Control Insert

One down side to having an IWS system that produces such rapid, healthy and aggressive growth is that roots try to escape down your pipe work and clog it up! The IWS Copper Root Control Insert is simple, effective and can be fitted to your IWS connection gland fast. It will help stop roots from clogging your irrigation system using copper, which naturally repels root growth, helping to contain the roots exactly where they are required to be.

Anti-Siphon Valve

The IWS 13mm Barbed Anti Siphon Valve stops water flowing backwards once your water pump has turned off, so you always know your plant is getting its full feed. Better yet, you won't get any air locks forming in your irrigation pipe using one of these.

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