16mm Barbed Cross Connector


Sale price£2.50


Ideal for irrigation pipes, the 16mm Barbed Cross directs water flow exactly where it is needed. The cross-shaped design means the fitting can be connected to four pieces of pipe, with two at right angles and two in a straight line.

An easy way to add an additional line into an existing irrigation system or to change the direction of water flow, the barbed cross connector has multiple uses.

Gardeners can utilise the connector by adding further lengths of supply pipe to the irrigation system and increase the number of drippers or sprinklers used to increase yield. Made from rigid high-quality plastic, the barbed cross connector is durable and is UV stabilised to prevent deterioration caused by sun exposure.

  • Designed to connect up to four pipes together.
  • Barbs ensure a tight fit.
  • Made from high-quality plastic.

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