Maxibright 1000w Pro Select Ballast


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The 1000W Digilight Pro 1000W ballast by Maxibright is one of the most advanced 240V/1000W ballast available – if you are looking for the best 1000W digital ballast on the market this is it.

The ballast a set of features not seen together in any other 1000W digital ballast that we know of – here’s a list of what you get for your money:

– Six different power settings. 400W, 440W, 600W, 660W, 1000W, 1100W

– Surge control. If you use more than one of the ballast from the same power source the ballast will detect this and start up one at a time to avoid placing a heavy load on your control gear.

– Soft Start. The ballast will light the lamp slowly rather than with an aggressive rush of current – this helps prolong the life of your lamps as it’s the starting up and closing down of the lamp that causes the most wear on the lamp components.

– Fast Re-strike. In the event of a power cut the ballast is able to restart a hot lamp without damaging it, magnetic ballast need to wait for the lamp to cool before restarting.

– DFC. Dynamic Frequency Control greatly reduces lamp flicker and helps keep the output of the lamp as stable as possible.

– End of lamp life detection. This ballast is able to detect and tell you when your lamp needs replacing.

– Thermal auto cut off and re-set. If the ballast was to get too hot for some reason it will automatically cut out and will not restart until it has cooled down to normal operating temperature.

– Silent operation. 100% silent on start up and running.

– Runs both HPS and Metal Halide

– 3 Year Guarantee

On top of all the safety feature above, the ballast is supplied with a heavy duty IEC connector that need to be wired onto the reflector cable – this upgrade is kind of belt and braces but really does put the Maxibright 1000W Pro-Select in a class of its own, safety wise.

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