Spider Farmer SF4000 LED Grow Kit - 100cm2 (SF4-100)

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Option: Standard (AC Fan)
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Here at The Hydro Bros we’ve put together a range of complete grow kits to get you growing!

If you want an even more bespoke set up, just get in touch in-store, email, phone, or Instagram!

1 x Bud Box Lite Grow Tent 100 x 100 x 200cm
1 x Spider Farmer SF4000 450w LED Dimmable Light (ratchets included)
1 x Heavy Duty Timer
1 x Maxifan 15cm Clip Fan
1 x Maxibright Digital Min-Max Thermometer/Hygrometer
1 x 5” Garden High Pro Extraction Kit OR 5" Acoustic Hyper Fan Extraction Kit

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