Diamond Lightite 125mu Sheeting With Thermal Layer


Size: 10m Roll
Sale price£25.00


Diamond Lightite sheeting is our premium-grade reflective sheeting. It's designed to provide maximum reflection, and, with a five-layer construction, it also provides a level of insulation from external environmental factors. The sheeting is designed to provide maximum reflection and diffusion of any reflected light, avoiding hotspots.


This premium quality silver reflective sheeting has an aluminium foil surface layer with diamond embossing that works to spread reflected light evenly.

  • Diffused light reduces the chances of hot spots so plants shouldn’t burn.
  • Five layered, Diamond Embossed silver sheeting.
  • Our sheeting is made of 5 layers, ensuring the sheet is completely light proof and providing maximum insulation. With a PET coated membrane memory to dramatically increase strength, while preventing creasing.
  • All our foils and sheets are British made and offer the highest quality sheeting on the market.

How To Use:

Simply line the space you wish to use with the sheeting making sure there is an overlap between each sheet. You can attach the sheet to a structure with aluminium tape for temporary solutions or with staples for more permanent spaces. Any holes or spaces between sheets will allow leakage and not optimally reflect light back into the room, so the whole space should be covered.

Width of each roll is 1.2m and available in different length rolls

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