Phresh Intake Filter


Size: 4"
Sale price£42.00


Phresh Intake Filters are scientifically proven to remove 98.7% of all airborne pathogens and contaminants from any incoming air stream, for a minimum period of 3 months, or up to 12 months with pollens, dust and insects. Using intake filters not only makes for healthier plants, but also helps extend the lifespan of extraction filters.

How Does It Work?

Your intake will suck air from outside and blow THROUGH this nano mesh carbon filter (so it's not inline like the GAS Inline duct filter).  All the bugs, pests, mold spores and other bullshit then get caught in the filter rather than ending up in your room!

  • The unit fits onto your intake ducting;
  • It maintains over 90% of airflow;
  • Comprises patented pleating;
  • The unit uses nano-carbon felt technology.


  • It’s efficient and cost-effective;
  • The unit comprises ultra-light filters;
  • It’s fully recyclable;
  • It’s made with top-quality materials.

Make sure to match the filter to the fan in terms of airflow rates and the venting’s diameter. If the fan’s diameter doesn’t match the filter’s diameter, you can’t connect them without a ducting enlarger or reducer. Before you use the filter, remove the plastic wrap from the exterior of the filter’s drum. Make sure that the dust sleeve is installed. Mount the filter at the entry point of the ducting. Slide the ducting over the filter drum’s flange and secure it with a Duct clip. Use Phonic Trap tape to make sure that the joints are airtight. 

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