Bud Box Pro Tent White - 450 x 900 x 240cm


Sale price£4,845.00


It's massive. We got to order this in. Ring for stock info! The largest tent on offer by Budbox, the Titan 9 is a heavy-duty design with 1mm thick walls that prevent any smells or light from escaping, providing you ample space inside for growing a large crop.

It comes in a choice of silver mylar or white lining, with the white option being a much better reflector of PAR. This model is excellent for easy access, with side and back access doors, as well as multiple viewing windows so you don’t have to unzip the tent every time you need to check on your crop.

  • 2 x Front main doors
  • 1 x Front access doors
  • 4 x Side access doors
  • 1 x Rear access door
  • 10 x 340mm ports
  • 12 x 275mm ports
  • 5 x 102mm ports
  • 6 x Irrigation ports
  • 2 x Uplift irrigation bars
  • 32 x Roof hanging bars
  • 64 x Silicone pads for roof bars
  • 32 x Roof hanging straps
  • 5 x Night vision viewing windows
  • 12 x Micro mesh screened passive vents
  • 25mm frame poles
  • All metal connectors
  • Push/click fittings
  • Drip tray
  • 20% oversized vents
  • Main door clips
  • Double cuff vents

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