Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Reflector


Size: Enforcer Small Reflector 54cm x 38cm
Sale price$54.00


This is for the reflector and the lamp holder. The Adjust-a-wing Enforcer reflector is available in three sizes small (400w), medium (400w to 600w) and large (1000w).

  • Simple, flexible design
  • Add a Super Spreader and get even closer to your canopy
  • 4 parabolic wing positions for versatility
  • Made with high end super reflective materials
  • Adjustable lamp-holder height for even greater control over light-spread
  • Increase grow area by up to 75%

The large Enforcer reflector can be purchased with an additional lamp holder and Super spreader to create a twin 600w lamp reflector (two 600w bulbs on each end) The reflector is manufactured from highly reflective glass-coated aluminium.

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