Politique d'expédition


Delivery charges to the UK mainland are:

- Free on orders £75 and over!

- £8.99 on orders under £75

- Heavy item surcharge (typically 50-litre bags of soil) of £5 will apply per item at checkout regardless of your cart value. 

- Some items are awkward or heavy AF and can only be shipped with a special courier or on a pallet at a rate of £50 (it costs way more than that and we take the hit to absorb some of that cost!)  This is added at checkout regardless of your cart value.


Stock permitting, we aim to get deliveries out the next day on all UK orders received Monday to Thursday before 13:00 hours; we will endeavour to process orders received after this time, otherwise, they will be processed the next working day. Orders received from Friday to Sunday will be processed Monday and delivered on Tuesday.

Rule of thumb, the earlier an order is placed, the greater the chance it’ll be delivered the next day. 

If your order is urgent, please contact us first to check stock availability 020 8686 9643.


3.1 Do you ship overseas?

Yes! We ship anywhere and everywhere...you just got to pay the delivery.
Our UK taxes will be removed. Expect to pay local import duty and taxes before receipt. 

Note however, when we ship anything abroad, we can not be held responsible if it does get returned at the border - it is impossible for us, to track and know which of our (7000+) products are / are not allowed in any of the 193 countries. Its your responsibility. I repeat - y.o.u.r. r.e.s.p.o.n.s.i.b.i.l.i.t.y

3.2 How much is the delivery?

Our shipping algorithm isn't quite yet there yet, but for most European countries, the starting cost will be 35EUR. 

If the shipping cost is wildly more, we will contact you with a final total which you can either pay or request a refund.

No stress if you want to refund; we totally get it. We are actively trying to sort out our shipping algorithm so it's way more accurate. 

If you prefer, just ping us a mail at info@thehydrobros.com with your order and we'll give you a quote with the final shipping cost. 

Or put through the order and select to pay by bank deposit, that way we will get the order to come through and we'll review it and contact you with a final quote.

3.3 How long will it take to ship?

Usually 2 to 4 days within Europe. USA weirdly can be fast AF, maybe 2 days sometimes. Rest of the world, it gets there within maybe 7 days but can sit in a queue in customs waiting to be processed for a good few days.

Just understand we send things off in good faith, so if shit gets delayed, we will of course always, always support and chase up the courier...however, don't give us shit and hit us with that 1-star review like it's our fault that they are taking forever and a day!

In summary, we'll always do our very best to get your goods to you as soon as we can, but please bear this in mind before purchasing as these issues are completely and utterly out of our hands.

Once your order is dispatched, you will get a tracking number.

Most international deliveries are received within 5-10 working days from dispatch. It's just the customs clearance which might take the longest.

If you have not received your delivery after 3 weeks, contact us at info@thehydrobros.com or call us on 0208 686 9643.

3.4 Will I be charged any VAT and duties at clearance?

Yes, you will!  When you visit our website from outside UK, you will see all prices in your local currency but excluding the 20% UK tax.

Your imported shipments will be subject to the local country taxes AND be prepared to show any required documentation they MIGHT ask for. For example (and to use a made-up stupid one!), if there is a law/restriction in your country on possessing a hose pipe...and you're importing a hose pipe....then EXPECT to get asked for paperwork!  We are not responsible for knowing every law and restriction of your country. 

Contact your local customs office directly for what is/isn't allowed and what paperwork they might ask you for. The same goes for the level of tax; however as a very broad figure, just assume 20%..but that's just our complete and utter guess. Contact your local office.

Countries use import taxes and laws to prohibit, limit, manage, encourage or penalise certain goods coming into their country in order to protect the country's economy. Eg. increase the tax for imports from certain countries due to political/economic reasons, or indeed some products may be completely banned.  To repeat: we are not responsible for knowing the laws or restrictions of your country. 

3.5 What happens if I don't pay the tax/duties/clearance fees?

Quite simply; no money, no honey. 🍯

If you don't pay the VAT/Duties, or present them with any required documentation they request, your parcel may be returned or destroyed.

Please be aware: it is your responsibility to ensure that the product you are ordering will be accepted through customs. 

We send all orders with the commercial invoice required for shipping. So by the time it reaches your country, you need to be ready for any other paperwork customs may ask you for.

Obviously, we will endeavour to help you where we can, but we CAN NOT magic up paperwork that we don’t have.

We are under no obligation to issue you a refund if you are unable to complete the clearance.

Only IF we receive the items back, we will refund you the cost of the goods, minus the original shipping fee, minus the return shipping fee incurred (as they will charge us!!) minus a 15% admin/restocking fee.

If it gets lost or destroyed, you don't get anything back.

To be absolutely clear, it's a major, major admin headache/cluster fuck when this happens. So please do your research and don’t get caught out.   

3.6. Final Summary about shipping to locations outside of the UK

We are not going to be held accountable where your local restrictions will not accept our goods because (maybe it's restricted, or you don't have the right paperwork), or you fail to collect the items and are sent back to us. We won't be held responsible for goods being returned.

So in short, if your stuff gets returned to us for ANY reason, we will refund you once we get the items back, BUT we'll take off the original shipping cost, plus the cost incurred to return it to us AND we apply a 15% admin/restock fee. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts.