Based in South East London, we are the guys for all your indoor grow needs.

Our foundation is built on providing you with first class service; no grow too big or too small, everyone is equal and we will help you to acheive your growing goals no matter what!

Bringing 'new school' to an old school industry, we're constantly expanding our range to bring the latest and very best products from the world over. We've got you covered.

At The Hydro Bros we have stock crammed full to ensure all bases are covered; latest grow light LEDs, HPS grow lights, grow tents, plant nutrients and the list just goes on.!  We review our prices regularly but if you happen to find it cheaper, let us know, as we price match! 

Our passionate approach in providing the best indoor growing products and first hand growing advice makes us one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hydroponics and indoor gardening equipment.



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