The Growers Guide Book Series


Option: Coco Coir & Soil
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Highly recommended!! With detailed and informative step by step, well documented without being boring, complete with clear images / illustrations !

Learning to grow has a steep learning curve. A helping hand is invaluable for running a successful garden.

These 4 books each focus on a particular method of growing and explain the basics as well as the more advanced aspects of that method. These books will rapidly accelerate your learning so that you become a confident, competent grower in no time!

  • Each book covers its particular growing method thoroughly
  • Covers the basics as well as the more advanced aspects of each method
  • Each book takes you from zero to hero in no time!
  • Great as a reference for competent growers


1 x Grower's Guide Book of your choice. Choose from Organics (Hand-feeding & run to waste), Coco Coir & Soil (Hand-feeding & run to waste), Passive watering systems (non-recycling, non-recirculating), or Bubblers DWC (Deep Water Culture).

Chapter Contents -

All of the books contain the following chapters, tailored to the particular theme of the book:

  • Know your plant
  • Understanding water and nutrients
  • Seeds
  • Germination
  • Cuttings and clones
  • Propagation
  • Vegetation
  • Flower
  • Harvest and curing
  • Pest control and prevention
  • Nutrient schedules and shopping lists

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