ONA-Air Cyclone Fan Unit For 20 Litre Gel Tubs


Sale price€123,95


ONA-Air Cyclone Fan Unit for 20 Litre Gel Tubs

Especially made to fit onto the top of ONA's own 20 litre tubs of gel, the Cyclone fan unit gently distributes the great ONA odour control over a medium size room up to 464 square metres.

  • ONA – Superb, long-lasting & totally reliable odour control
  • Cyclone fan unit fits onto ONA 20 litre gel tubs
  • Distributes the ONA odour control around a large sized area up to 464 square metres (5000 square feet)
  • Five fan speed settings to match the ONA odour control to your environment
  • Very low power consumption – 7.2 Watts or less

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